Real Life Members: The Coombs Family

Meet Anita & Piers! They add to our list of our much-loved members who join us here at Glevum Fitness. 

Earlier this summer, Piers and Anita came to us frustrated by a lack of results at a previous gym. They arrived not knowing what support, guidance, and structure could offer to their failing fitness routine.  

Back in July, they told us… “We’ve only been coming a few weeks, and it’s already changing our lives.” “For the first time, I’m now looking forward to my gym sessions, and I can already feel my fitness improving…” 

Every quarter at Glevum, we meet with our clients to review progress, talk goals, and give additional assistance to facilitate progress. Our data shows that the clients who perform these reviews most regularly are those who experience the best results.  Because, when it comes to building healthier habits, most of us plan on making a change “someday.” But not as promptly, if you had someone guiding you to make a change today rather than tomorrow. 

Today, their latest check-in revealed that since July, they’ve achieved: 

  • A combined fat loss of 43lbs.
  • An increase in muscle and practical strength.
  • A dramatic reduction in visceral fat levels (the fat that wraps around our abdominal organs deep inside our body). 
  • Now have much healthier levels of body fat and muscle mass. 

Combining weekly personal training adjacent to our results-driven group classes has accelerated their progress like no other.

Having also followed their individualised Nutrition Guide prepared by Coach Rosie, they have been able to supercharge their results in the gym by improving their food choices at home. 

Alongside dramatic body compositional changes, Piers has now regained pain-free movement within his shoulder.

Furthermore, Anita now has little fear about her back injuries coming back to haunt her and stopping her from the activities in her life she loves the most. Not to mention, the long list of friends they’ve found and now consistently train with here at Glevum.

We’re so thrilled for both Anita & – and cannot wait to see what else they’ll achieve over the next few months.  

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