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Results-Driven Training

Glevum Fitness helps everybody make fitness a consistent part of their life,

When exercise starts feeling like a chore, or you’re not getting results, or motivation is lacking, then you haven’t found what’s right for you and it’s time to try something new. Regardless of your current fitness levels and goals, our coaches will teach you everything you need to know to get fit and stay fit.

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Without guidance, fitness can be intimidating

Our team of fitness and nutrition professionals are invested in your health. We make every decision with our members’ well-being in mind. Achieve your goals with us!

Our Five Bricks

The foundation to being the happiest, healthiest, and strongest version of yourself.


We Train for Life

By building strong bodies in the gym, we also build strong lives outside of it. We believe in high-quality, functional training for the long haul. Our commitment to our training not only improves our health and longevity but our entire being.


We Nourish Ourselves

Food is the nourishment that supports our lives. We ditch the food fads and focus on well-rounded nutrition, mindfully choosing whole, colourful foods with variety. Above all, we dial into how food makes us feel by connecting to joy, our memories, and our emotions.


We Rest and Recharge

We honour our bodies by giving them the rest and recovery they need. We prioritise sleep, monitor stress, and schedule rest, which keeps our cups filled and our energy in balance.


We Commit to Growth

We believe self-awareness and education have the power to transform lives. In setting goals, reflecting and celebrating the small wins along the way, we are constantly discovering who we are and what we need. The magic is in being fully present in the journey and our commitment to grow 1% better each day.


We Accept and Connect

Our community is the heartbeat of Glevum Fitness. It’s a space where we can bring our WHOLE selves to, and be loved, respected, and encouraged to be precisely the people we are. We’re proud to be united by a vision of living a healthy, full life.

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