Why We Aren’t Outside – JUST YET.

The UK government are allowing gyms to run outdoor fitness classes —but here’s why we’re not jumping into any decisions…just yet.
Here’s why we’re choosing to stay online. For the moment.
First and foremost, we’re committed to providing fitness for all our members.
Right now, many are on disrupted or unpredictable work schedules, and many are dealing with children who are out of school. We regularly see kids playing while mum or dad works out, and we know time is very precious. Travel to our location won’t be possible for some.
Our current online coaching system allows everyone and anyone to do personalised workouts on their own, with a partner or now a friend (or 5). It offers the most flexibility for everyone.
If we began running groups outdoors, class sizes would, unfortunately, be limited to 5.
Our average class attendance has consistently hit 12 people for the last 6 months, so at this time, we would be forced to turn people away –– this is something we do not want to do.
The other option, of course, would be to run a host of outdoor sessions and remain to offer online personalised coaching, but the economics and logistics of staffing simply don’t work at present with Glevum Fitness.
We’re also devoting our time to staying in constant contact with members to ensure they have everything they need to train.
Right now, we can serve the greatest number of people with daily coaching and online workouts that have no capacity restrictions for our current members. We just don’t want to be forced to turn anyone away or for anyone to miss out.
We also know that some people would not be ready to head outside in a group, and we’re not going to ask them to move outside their comfort zones.
We are a strength and conditioning programmememe, not just a conditioning programmememe.
Despite the limitations of the current situation, our members are using bits they had, they’re acquiring new, or they’re using the equipment we loaned them. That means they have enough equipment to do varied and well-rounded training.
Perhaps we aren’t maxing out squats, but with tempo training and clever rest/rep schemes, we’re able to maintain and improve strength.
In an outdoor setting, we would still have to lean towards training and the list of movements possible would still look very similar, if not identical.
To support our entire community and to help facilitate your at-home workouts, we loaned ALL of the equipment we had access to which would mean that participants would also be limited to the kit they bring with them, and we don’t expect people to load their cars with stuff every day.
Right now, we can offer a better training programmememe online.
As you all know, the weather here in the UK is unpredictable at the best of times. We aren’t going to ask you to deal with the rain and wind on a daily occurrence.
Nor will we risk the confusion created when weather is iffy. “Is it cancelled?” is currently not a question we get because our system allows everyone to workout at a time and a location of their choice.
Outdoors, we’re at the mercy of nature and things will get weird at some point — like when it inevitably rains like it has this week.
Right now, we’d like to control as many variables as we can so we can serve you best.
We’d not be allowed to let you inside the gym to use the bathroom. You wouldn’t be allowed to use the sink to fill your water bottles, or to throw your rubbish in the bins.
If you’ve done a workout with us, you know that this would be troublesome for a large number of people.
This might bring a chuckle to some, but it’s a concern for many.
While we’d love to see our members in person, we’ll hold off on significantly reduced capacity outdoor classes at this moment. As I said above, our overarching concern is offering the best service to the greatest number of people.
Right now, we’re confident we can do that best online given the current guidelines that have been released.
Members, we’ll keep you updated as the situation evolves each day/ week. Trust that we’re talking to other gym owners daily to find new ways to serve you better.
Your commitment to us and patience has allowed us all to continue to move forward. Nothing will make us happier than the moment we are given the go-ahead to open our doors and to be able to see you all again, in-person.