Our Response To Lockdown

March 20th now seems like forever ago.
It was on that day that we were forced to shut down for a time that is still not 100% clear.
Since we opened our doors in January 2012, we’ve offered members the opportunity to face adversity head-on, embrace the discomfort of challenging tasks and learn that they’re capable of so much more than they tend to believe. We believe that adversity is an opportunity for growth, and we’re well-prepared to continue fulfilling our mission of serving the members of our community beyond the four walls of our gym facilities.
Glevum Fitness is an affiliate known for its support, community, and group class experience. Glevum Fitness has always strived to bring clarity through the noise by providing a personalised experience to our clients. An RCFG membership has never been just about access to equipment and a location. However, it has always been a connection to professional, caring coaches who are there to provide guidance and accountability.
We are pleased to still offer you that same great experience – at home.
Daily Workouts & Speciality Tracks
We understand that the best workout programmememe is one you can actually stick to. That’s why we always aim to make each of your workouts the best hour of your day.
We’ve provided individualised options available for those with no equipment, options for those who have access to dumbbells, kettlebells, jump ropes and to the lucky few who may have “cardio” equipment like, rowers or bikes. Coach Walt & Coach Liam have also continued to support our members with weekly supplementary workouts to maintain their specific goals in gymnastic and weightlifting.
Most importantly, We recognised the importance of working out together and the connection that in-turn develops as a result of sharing your notes, comments and fist-bumps post-WOD. We’re proud to have been able to facilitate a well-rounded workout programmememe and continue to help each member progress and continue to make improvements in their unique fitness journeys by completing the same, if not similar, daily workout as everyone else.
A Personal Coach
All members have had a designated coach that serves as a resource to them at all times. That coach has undoubtedly been in contact with each of you frequently to discuss many factors of your health and ensure that you have appropriate workout options, feedback, tips and drills to help you to continue to improve – at home, every day. Your coach has also been there to make sure you’re staying on track and progressing towards your goals.
Equipment Loan programmememe
To support our entire community and to help facilitate your at-home workouts, we’ve additionally allowed active members to check out equipment from the gym that they have been able to use in their homes until we are cleared to open our doors again. Thanks to Wild West Events which is co-owned between Dan & Rob B, we were able to render £25,000 of equipment that was then distributed equally between members.
Nutrition & Deep Health Coaching
Exercise is only one part of the equation in achieving your personal goals. The food you fuel your body with is equally just as important. We’ve never provided “quick-fixes”, but rather educated you as clients and help implement habits that can be sustainable for the long-term.
During lock-down we’ve helped over 60 of you individually, feel more calm, confident and prepared for each day by addressing mindfulness, sleep and behaviours to get you ahead of the curve.
Goal Reviews & Check-ins
The most important part of our interaction with members is also the one that most gyms skip: Goal Reviews.
During this time we’ve kept up virtual meetings with members to discuss how things are going, their current goals and how might be best to get there. Anyone can follow a programmememe. However, it’s our job to guide you as members to the right programmememe, down the right steps, at the right time to help you maximise success.
Continuous and regular feedback, new targets, and individual prescriptions are what helps creates motivation, accountability and long-term success.
Private Members Group & Social Events
Whilst our physical doors closed, our community doors for our members remained opened.
We have always been a unique community committed to our collective success; individually and together. During these difficult times, we have counted on each other to persevere and find new ways of using our online engagement and connection you all as support. Over the last 3 months, we’ve had great participation and engagement amongst the members coming together through quizzes, bake-offs, class meet-ups, and more recently, a brunch club.
On-Going Education & Tips
In addition to physical movement, which is good for both your mind, body and your immune system, our coaching team has been placing a strong emphasis on nutrition habits and stress management education. This has been a great time to dig into topics that some of our members may have previously placed on the back burner, and we’ve been excited to lean into sharing our experiences and knowledge on these topics.
At Glevum Fitness, we care deeply about doing what we can to keep our people and communities healthy — we are grounded in this intention, which has helped make difficult choices and decisions a little easier to make.
The previous and coming months are still sure to be different from what we once knew. But in order for any of this to come to fruition, we have had to continue to have trusting, and committed members, in yourselves to enable us to keep the wheels turning. Your dedication to sticking with us and being patient has allowed us to work together to make continued progress in your fitness journeys, this is something that we as coaches whole-heartedly applaud you for.