How to get the most out of training

You’ve been training with us for a few months and have started to enjoy getting a good sweat on. You’ve learned lots of new exciting skills and you seem to be getting stronger and fitter. It’s been fun but have you been getting the most out of it? Even if you listen to the coaches and go through the motions, there’s more you can do to get the most out of your time here with us.

These simple things can make sure you’re getting the most out of every visit to Glevum.

Make new friends

Part of the fun of training with us is being able to share the experience with others. Take the time to introduce yourself to a new person in every class. We have a lot of really cool and interesting individuals in our community, so get to know them! It only takes a few seconds to introduce yourself to someone and it can make all the difference when you can look over and cheer on someone else. It takes your mind off what you’re doing and it provides that little bit of encouragement that we all need in the moments when we want to stop. Fortunately, we’re always getting new members so there’s almost someone new to meet each week! Be the person that makes the group classes a little less intimidating for our new members and, you never know, you could have just met the best accountability partner you could ever ask for.

Arrive 10 minutes early and stay late

Come in a little early and address some mobility issues that are unique to you. If mobility isn’t your huge issue, use this time to work on skills that we don’t always get a lot of time with during classes. Do 100 double unders for time. Work on handstand holds or walks. An hour is not a lot of time for the coaches to get in a great warm-up, everything that is on the agenda for the workout, as well as a de-brief at the end. Take this time to meet new people or catch up with old friends so you don’t have to do it when the coaches are talking. After class, take some time to cool down or discuss that day’s training. Be an active part of the community before, during and after class.

Don’t worry about the tunes

There are wide variety of Spotify playlists in the gym and everyone has their own preferences. The coaches are often up for suggestions BUT just know that you can get the same workout results whether the latest Justin Beiber hit is playing or not. Find your motivation from within. Some days you get lucky and something you like is playing, while other days you’re just not as lucky. We can’t please everyone and you have to take the good with the sometimes not so cool.

Fix one thing at a time

Sometimes we can all be guilty of thinking way too much. When you have the opportunity practice movements in the A portion of the session, maximise that time to work on one thing each time. If we’re working on cleans try not to go in thinking “sweep the bar, full extension, shoulders behind the ears, fast elbows, beat the bar down, don’t crash, tight abs, etc.” Pick one point, and perfect that. The rest will come in time by continuing to practice.

Smile & have fun

Even if you’ve had a bad day and everything that could have possibly gone wrong has, continue to smile! The hour or so that your spend in the gym should be the best hour of your day. You get to move around, lift heavy weights, hang out with friends, and be better than the day before. Not everyone has that same luxury; that should definitely make you smile. Let the gym be your “happy place.”

Set goals for yourself

Check the workout ahead coming in. It’s posted on the blog at 9:00 p.m. the night before so you can do some research. Think about the movements in the workout and have a strategy. Is this an opportunity to work on technique? Is this the day to reach a new PB? What’s the work to rest ratio on part B? Know how you’re going to attack the workout so you’re prepared for it when you get there.

Don’t be afraid to fail

Try new things. If you’ve never been upside down, when handstand holds come up don’t always try to find the scale. Find a coach and ask them to help spot you and try it. If the workout says “max rep pull ups”, don’t drop off the bar after the eighth rep because that’s probably “good enough for today.” Do rep nine and ten and eleven and go until you can’t go no more. If you ever don’t feel comfortable dropping a weight get a coach to show you how to do it safely and properly. We’re all learning and growing in the gym. Make sure you’re not stunting your own growth but deciding not to do something because it’s hard.

Celebrate other’s success

PBs are the best! They serve as physical proof that you are getting better. You’re stronger, faster, and more co-ordinated than you were before. Think about the feeling you have when YOU get a PB and the people around you are just as happy about it as you are. Re-create that feeling for others. Celebrate other people’s victories and you’ll find that it adds to your own experience within the gym.

Take it outside

Sometimes we work so hard on our fitness within of the gym that we forget to enjoy the rewards of our hard work outside of the gym. Find friends and go for a trail run, bike ride, or play a sport! Have some spare time with your kids while you’re waiting for something? Instead of letting them play on their iPads or games, challenge your kids to a push up contest or get them to play with handstands or hollow rocks. Take what you’ve been taught and have fun with it.