The Whole Life Challenge

2016 is right around the corner!

What Is the Whole Life Challenge?

The Whole Life Challenge is an eight-week, online, health and fitness building, and habit-changing game that will help create happier, healthier lives by making small changes to our daily habits.

The idea of the Challenge is this – spend eight weeks making small, progressive improvements in your daily habits, so by the time it’s over, you’ve created some solid results and habits that are sustainable for the long term.

Individuals daily scores count both for themselves and their team, since each individual score contributes to the team score. On the leaderboard, teams are ranked based both on points and on “showing up” (checking in). This creates a context of both personal accountability and teamwork – and enhances progress for everyone.

What Sort of People Can Do the Challenge?

The Challenge is beneficial for people of all ages and fitness levels with 3 different levels depending on the goals you personally want to achieve.

What Happens During the Eight Weeks of the Challenge?

We will start by recording where you are at the start – with a photo, a measurable workout, body measurement, and self-assessment.
Then, over the course of the eight weeks, you will record your scores daily in each of the WLC Seven Daily Habits: nutrition, exercise, mobility, sleep, hydration, lifestyle practices, and reflection.

The daily scoring helps keep us all accountable, motivating us to improve behavior as the Challenge progresses while providing a benchmark for success. Reinforcing this effect, allowing you to offer support if people fall behind and praise as they succeed.

I’m In. When do we start?

Starting January 16th, the ENTIRE GYM, coaches and ALL are teaming up to do a 56-day nutrition and lifestyle challenge! We have picked the Whole Life Challenge to track our progress and also share with each other our successes! Registration is open. It’s $39 if you register before January 5th, and $49 after.

Go to for all the details and sign up under Glevum.