Spring Clean for Success

One of the most simple and yet under-rated steps you can take to help you and your family get healthier. A kitchen makeover. Yep, so simple and yet it can make a huge difference. 

When working with a client on their nutrition we will often take a week or so to focus on a BIG kitchen clean out. We focus on two things:

  1. Get rid of stuff that hinders you, such as junk food and excess alcohol.
  2. Add stuff that helps you, such as fresh vegetables and kitchen equipment.

We invite you all to have a spring clean and create a clean & healthy food space! Use our checklist below to get you started!

Refresh your space

We are strongly influenced by our environment (whether we realise it or not).

Subtle (or not-so-subtle) cues from our surroundings can change our behaviour, without us being aware of it.

So help yourself out.

Keep your immediate environment as positive and productive as possible.

Almost everything around you should help you meet your goals.

Don’t keep stuff around that harms you.

However, even the cleanest house can have a few forgotten dust bunnies. Crack open a window, grab a broom, and let’s give things a quick freshening-up.

Environment Checklist

Your kitchen

  • Have you eliminated junk food and “red light foods”?
  • Have you eliminated any other foods that are “trigger foods” for you?
  • What about drinks?
  • Is your kitchen well-stocked with a variety of healthy foods?
  • Are those healthy foods easy to get to and prepare?

The rest of your house

  • Have you eliminated other “triggers” from the rest of the house? (e.g. asking people to smoke outside if you’re trying to quit smoking, etc.)
  • Do you have other things in your house that help you be healthy? (e.g. a garden, a few dumbbells, etc.)
  • Is your bedroom a calm, relaxing Sleep Zone?

Your daily routine

  • Do you plan and prepare and look ahead to help your future self make better decisions?
  • Do you book a goal review check-ins and food prep time in your calendar?
  • What about rest, relaxation, and recovery activities?
  • Do you anticipate and strategise around obstacles?
  • Do you expect the unexpected? (e.g. running late, forgetting lunch, etc.)
  • Can you re-adjust your good habits “on the fly”? (e.g. ordering in restaurants, social events, etc.)
  • Do you have creative solutions to common problems? (e.g. cycling instead of driving to work; getting a healthy meal delivery service for times when you’re busy, etc.)
  • Do you have and stick to a sleep ritual?
  • What about your weekly food prep ritual?
  • Do you regularly check in with motivating and inspiring images, videos, role models, reminders, or other cues?
  • Does your daily routine and schedule clearly reflect your top priorities?

Your household and social circle

  • Have you shared your health and wellness goals, needs, and expectations with your household members?
  • What about your friends and acquaintances?
  • Have you negotiated ways to ensure that you can successfully do your lessons and habits? (e.g. shuffling child care, blocking off time, etc.)
  • Have you found like-minded people and built a support network — whether that’s at home, at your gym, at your workplace, etc.?
  • Do most of your family members and friends support you, inspire you, and help you move towards your goals?
  • Have you cut down on hanging out with negative people or people who hinder your progress?

What’s missing?

Once you’ve done a full review of everything around you, ask yourself:

Is anything missing?

If everything is in place for success and you’re rockin’ it, hooray!

If you can see some “trouble spots” (maybe even the “elephant” that you’ve been avoiding), tackle them now, one at a time. Fill in what’s missing.

For instance:

  • Do you need someone else in your support network?
  • Do you need to go shopping for healthy foods or new running shoes (although maybe no more for you Scott.S 😉 ?
  • Do you need an extra daily shot of motivation?

Help yourself succeed

Choose to be proactive and create a positive environment.

If you need to eliminate something harmful, do so. If you’re missing something helpful, add it in.

It’s up to YOU to build, maintain, and reinforce the structures, systems, and schedule that YOU need to succeed.

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