Your Guide To The Intramural Open

Welcome to the 2022 CrossFit Games Open! We are very excited to kick things off on Monday.

Below you’ll find all the details you need to have a total blast over the next 3 weeks and see which team comes out on top!!


There are 5 teams, each captained by one of our lovely coaches (and Liam). If you are u sure of what team you’re in, check the whiteboard in the gym OR email


Here’s what you can expect each week:

  1. Learn the workout at 8 p.m. GMT each Thursday via the LIVE Announcement from CrossFit (see 
  2. Book your spot in a class via WODboard ready for Monday!
  3. Check out Coach Walt’s Workout Breakdown on Facebook and our Youtube channel over the weekend!
  4. Attend your class, and earn points for your team by completing the workout!!
  5. Log your score on SugarWOD and, if you’ve signed up to the Official Open on make sure to submit your score by 10PM Monday to gain those bonus points!
  6. Continue attending classes through the remainder of the week as usual!


You will need to perform TWO actions each week to earn your workout points!

Action 1: Book a class via the Wodboard app, attend that class and CRUSH the workout! Any variation is eligible, RX, scaled, foundation or individual modification!

Action 2: Log your score onto SugarWOD. Only those that both attend the class AND log their score on SugarWOD will earn themselves and their team a point!


Submit your score to before 10PM Monday evening to earn your team a bonus point!


As well as your weekly workout points, there are additional ways to earn your team points:

  •  Spirit of the games
  •  SugarWOD
  •  Weekly challenges
  •  Weekly class attendances

Spirit of the Games:

The Open is all about having FUN and bringing the community together so we’re offering FIVE POINTS to the person in each class we believe is giving off the most energy, encouraging and supporting their workout buddies!!

We want clapping and cheering, we want high fives, make up a little dance if you fancy – whatever you can give to encourage your fellow classmates to give it their best!


We will be handing out TWO points for their team to each person who has the most in the following categories (10PM deadline on Monday).

  •  Fistbumps Given
  •  Fistbumps Received
  •  Comments Given
  •  Comments Received

Support your teammates by giving them a little fistbump or telling them they did a great job and earn your team some points!!

Weekly Challenges

For each workout we will be handing out ONE POINT per person for completing the challenge we set.

Challenge No. 1: You’ll notice that your team’s captain is in a particular colour!

  • Dan C – Red
  • Rosie W – Blue
  • Walt G – Green
  • Liam M – Purple
  • Kev S – Orange

Challenge number 1 for this Monday is to WEAR an item of clothing with your teams colour (Must be visible to us – no undies)!!

Weekly Class Attendance: Finally, we will be handing out extra points for attending 3 or more classes throughout the week!

  • 5 points – you attended 5 group classes OR personal training sessions MONDAY – SATURDAY of that week AND logged your score in SugarWOD.* Group class attendance to do The Open workout on MONDAY counts toward this total!
  • 3 points – you attended 3 group classes MONDAY – SATURDAY of that week AND logged your score in SugarWOD.


Your league commissioner is Coach Walt G. He’ll be the one totting up scores and organising the leaderboard.

If you have any questions, please reach out to him at

Good luck!!

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