The Spring Fling Pairs Throwdown

Get ready to have lots of FUN with your workout buddies! Our SUPER-AWESOME in-house community throwdown is BACK again. 💪😎

Join us on Saturday, July 9th for our Spring Fling Pairs Throwdown + Community Picnic! We’ll have burgers, sausages, and all of the fixings. Bring your friends, family, and a side dish (homemade of course) to share!

This time around, we will host same-sex pairs to take part in 3 workouts throughout the morning — Each pair will also have the option of taking on our RX, Scaled or Foundations options enabling everyone to join in on the day challenging your stamina, endurance, and of course, teamwork skills.

The workouts will require moderate strength and some skill – nothing different to what you see in class workouts! (example weights 80/60kg deadlifts for the heaviest load, maybe some muscle-ups for the RX ninjas 😜 ).

The Key Details You Ought To Know:

The Spring Fling Pairs Throwdown
Saturday, July 9th @ Glevum Fitness
Men’s/ Women’s Pairs
Rx, Scaled or Foundations Division
Food & Drink Post Event
£20 per person.

Rally your team, registration is now OPEN! Let’s GOOOO!! 🚀💪💥

Register today: Sign me up!

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