Success for the Kickstarters

Diet challenges are usually all about what you can’t eat.
But what if you could see huge results from an experiment that doesn’t make any foods off-limits?

Instead of focusing on what you eat, our 6-week Nutrition Kickstart emphasised more on how to eat. 
And the results? They were transformational.

When it comes to eating better, most people worry about the little details:

  • “Are potatoes fattening?”
  • “If I don’t drink a protein shake after my workout, is it even worth exercising?”
  • “Is keto really the best way to lose weight? Or should I be doing Paleo?”

Yet they eat over the kitchen sink. Or in their car. Or in a daze while in front of the TV. And who can blame them? We’ve been taught to think about what we eat, not how we eat.

“Eat slowly and mindfully.”

I know: It sounds too ridiculously simple to work.

But guess what? It was exactly what most people needed. In 6-weeks, we saw body fat, for some people drop by up to 4 percent, the lowest level they’ve ever achieved. This was without weighing and measuring food or following a restrictive meal plan.

Not to mention, improving their behaviours and make huge strides towards achieving their long-term goals.

Now here’s the thing, eating slowly and mindfully can be more important than:

  • What you eat
  • When you eat
  • Getting anything else “perfect”

Now, this may seem a bit controversial. After all, if you only eat Snickers, the speed at which you consume them isn’t your biggest problem.

But setting aside the extremes, slow eating may be the single most powerful habit for driving major transformation.

Instead of having to figure out which foods to eat, in what frequency, and in what portions — all important factors, of course — eating slowly is the simplest way anyone can start losing weight and feeling better, immediately. (Like, after your first slow-eaten meal.)

That fuels confidence and motivation, and from there, you can always tighten up the details.

Because why go to the complicated stuff right away, when you can get incredible results without it?

Slow eating isn’t just for nutrition newbies. Nutrition nerds can also see big benefits. For example, it could be the key to unlocking never-before-seen progress. In fact, we’ve seen it work for physique competitors, fitness models, and even professional athletes.

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We’re so proud of you all! 

Hannah P: Finding a better way.

“I am feeling much better in my work clothes. Even my collegues are commenting!!”

Losing over 2% body fat, 2 kg lost and 1kg put on as muscle mass Hannah is making strides toward her long term goals.

Alongside her hectic shift work schedule in the Fire Service, Hannah looks after her 2 little boys and 1 bigger boy (husband Kyle!), she certainly has her hands full. 

Hannah’s biggest take away from the 6 weeks was the planning and preparing of foods:

“I did a big food shop on the Friday, to get lots of protein rich foods. I didn’t do my batch cooking until Monday. Then just planned what I’m eating for my 2 day shifts, then my two nights. My meals include lots of turkey, but also tuna, eggs and some veggie proteins too. 

I’m enjoying the smoothies for breakfast. Super quick for those hectic school run mornings, and then off to work. Plenty of nutrients and protein in too!”

Looking ahead and dedicating time to planning she is now able to take care of her family, and herself better!

“It’s been good to get things more prepared for shifts. Definitely helping me feel more full and like I have a bit more energy too. Snacking has near enough stopped as well!”

Matt B: Getting leaner and learning to be present.

“Protein has been the real change-maker for me in this period. Incorporating the right amount has made a profound difference to my snacking throughout the day, I just feel way more satisfied after my meals. My cravings have gone down and I am feeling really good!”Matt’s goals are Fit at 50 and Six Pack at 60. And he is certainly now well on his way to getting there:

– Lost 3% Body Fat
(4kg of BODY FAT, not just weight)

– Added almost 1 kg of muscle mass. 
Training consistently alongside eating better quality foods & the right amounts = feeling great and much healthier body composition. Better sleep (8 hours!), enjoying food more.

Katie H: Setting herself up for long-term change

How did you find the Nutrition Kickstart Katie?

“I just loved it.”

Katie is a busy, working mum of two young girls, and like many of us was looking to reduce the sugar and junk food that would slip in during the week. 

During the 6 weeks we worked on creating a food environment to help Katie support her goals. Often, decisions are dictated by our environment, and have a lot less to do with willpower than we all believe. If healthy food is nearby and easy to prep, or alternatively if unhealthy food is within arm’s reach it will likely get eaten!

Katie and her husband got to work on their cupboards and threw out their left over stashes of Easter chocolate and got rid of any snack-y items that were likely to be over-indulged on. As a result they matched the environment to their goals and realised less willpower was then necessary to make those better choices. 

“.. But the thing that seems to make it easier, is simply having the right foods in the house so even if I haven’t planned exactly what I am having, I can make something well balanced pretty easily!”

Katie is now far more prepared, having great choices at the ready for even those busy hectic days. Her home and cupboards now support her goals and set her up for success.

“Now when doing the food shop we focus on mostly buying foods, on the whole, more nutrient-dense foods”

Katie began the kickstart wanting to understand what foods to be eating more of to best support her body and be the healthiest, strongest version of herself and has certainly moved forward toward her goals!

Rach I: Learning how to balance food

What was the best thing about the 6 weeks?

“Just how much food I could eat!! It is way more food than I have ever eaten before!”

As a result of bigger, more balanced FULL meals Rachael stopped snacking during the day. Filling up on higher quality foods and the right amounts to support her goals. 

Despite feeling like it was SO much food… Rachael lost nearly 2% body fat, and gained nearly 1 kg in muscle mass at the same time!!

“Having balanced meals keep me feeling full and more satisfied throughout the day. I am no longer reaching for the snacks!”

She is now adding in more protein and vegetables to meals, the biggest change she has made was making sure her meals are balanced. 

“I hadn’t realised how skewed my portions were, I am a vegetarian and I was heavily relying on carbohydrates and was eating no where near on my protein quantity!”

Rachael is feeling stronger and better in the gym as a result 🙂

I cannot wait to work further on your goals with you, Rachael Pemberworth