Realistic Expectations

The more complicated the plan, the easier it is to quit when things get tough.

So… if things seem too complicated, or you are stressed about how to make it all work … breathe and get back to the basics.

When it comes to fitness and weight loss, it always comes back to two basic principles:

  1. What are you eating and drinking?
  2. How are you exercising your body?

Don’t over-complicate this process by feeling like the only way to succeed is through a complex meal plan or super intense workouts. You need to be sure that you have the basics in place first and foremost. Not even sure where to begin or how much you should be eating for YOU? We encourage every member to book a nutrition consultation with Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, Rosie! You can book that HERE!

You’re likely setting yourself up for failure if you are trying to build consistency with a plan that is difficult to implement.

If you don’t have a proven history of clean eating and consistent exercise, then the most beneficial thing you can do is to build a foundation on the baseline principles of focusing on eating the right number of calories, get enough protein in to support your goals, drink a min of half your body weight in oz or more of water a day, and move your body.

Do those basics and stay consistent with your efforts, and I am very confident you will see results!

Over time, you can tweak your meal planning and workout intensity as needed.

But consistency has to come first—it is the key to long-term success because it builds systems and habits that can last a lifetime.

Time Constraints

The thought of waking up early to hit that workout can seem rather daunting. Let’s be real, who doesn’t love that extra hour of sleep? However, after a long day at work, hitting the gym doesn’t seem too appealing either. With the possibility of being physically or mentally exhausted, with a million other things on our to-do lists to accomplish.

The gym can easily be pushed aside and turned into an aspiration for tomorrow.

We only have so many hours in the day, between work, family, and personal time. I know it can be easy to run out of hours in the day, but using a lack of time or a busy schedule as an excuse to quit or give up is exactly that, an excuse.

We’re the makers of our destiny, it’s up to us to determine how we spend our time. If your mindset is that there’s no time for exercise, well, of course, there won’t be.

So remember … YOU are in control of your life, not the other way around.

Don’t quit on your goals just because you feel you don’t have time. You do. We all do.

Having wishes, not goals.

Many people quit because they didn’t set good goals, to begin with.

Wanting to lose weight is not a good goal. How often do you hear someone say that their goal is to lose weight or get a six-pack this year?

While these are good aspirations, and potentially even wishes, they aren’t measurable. A good goal is something that is specific and measurable.

Not only do you need to have specifics that help you know when the goal has been met, but you also need to know your starting point. The best way to find your starting point is by working with a Coach who will help you create YOUR plan.

Then, with your Coach, track the actions that are being taken every step of the way to get you from Point A to Point B. Tracking data can be empowering because it gives you real-time feedback to see what is working. The data will tell you if you are doing the right things.

If the numbers aren’t lining up to match your overall plan, then it doesn’t mean that you are a failure.

Instead, it is a cue that you need to make a few changes.

Measuring your progress can be done in a variety of ways. I would recommend using multiple ways to measure your progress.

One thing that many people fall victim to, is JUST tracking their progress by the scale.

Trust me, I know personally, that’s a recipe for disaster. Too many variables influence your weight on a day to day basis … even at an hour to hour level.

Unrealistic Expectations

The thought that you will be perfect can quickly lead to quitting, because of the perception that you failed the first time you have a challenge in your journey.

So, understand that you won’t be perfect, it won’t be easy, you will have setbacks, and it won’t happen overnight. Essentially, the line to your goals won’t be straight. This is true for ALL of us. Consistency is your best friend.

Your diet or nutrition plan will not always be clean or perfect.

The workouts that you will be doing will not always be super fun or amazing.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. Understand it is all part of the journey and keep moving! If you do have a setback, accept it and move on!

Your results may be prolonged and slower than you want, which can cause us to lose motivation and purpose.

As humans, we tend to want instant gratification, and it can be irritating when we don’t get that.

But staying on track, not quitting, and reaching our goals is going to come down to winning every day, starting with one meal at a time, and one workout at a time. We CAN do hard things.

Compounding these wins into the results and the progress that we are working for.

No Accountability or Consequences

It is easier to justify to yourself why you CAN’T do something than it is to a close friend.

It is easier to make excuses to ourselves as to why something doesn’t work out than it is to a family member.

This means that it’s easier to quit when we’ve only made a promise with ourselves, and thus have nobody else to disappoint.

When you are the only person who truly knows what promises you made, it’s easier to make up lies to the person looking back at you in the mirror. Lies that give you a break from keeping those promises and sticking to the tasks that will push you towards your goals.

So, while we should all be working to improve our lives, and our health, for ourselves … having an accountability partner is a great way to help make sure you don’t quit. Especially in the first few weeks!

You Can Do This!

You may be reading this and thinking “this is me.”

Believe me, I have been there too … and no, I don’t know your specific situation, but I can understand your desire to get better … and also the challenges that you will face that make you want to quit.

And while this isn’t a complete list, these are all some of the major reasons why people quit. We’ve found this to be true in our own journey, in helping clients over the last 10+ years, and as a business helping hundreds of people.

These common roadblocks can be someone’s downfall … the reason they don’t follow through … and the reason they continue the cycle of starting and stopping.

But they can also be the obstacles someone overcomes that makes reaching their goals even sweeter!

So, while they are common reasons people quit, these can all be worked around, and that’s why you shouldn’t quit.


You can be the person who made the promise, followed through and did the work. That person who changed their life and reached their goals.

And we are always here to help you… with anything you need.