Master Your Mindset

There are many tools out there that can help you master your mindset. One of these tools is a principle of success that comes from author, Jack Canfield.


The success formula applies to pretty much any situation in your life. In this formula, a specific event (E) coupled with your response to that particular situation (R) results in an outcome (O).

It’s easy to live life with the belief that events create outcomes and dictate success. Things happen, so you have no say in the results. Your success is out of your control. E = O. Right?

Well, it turns out that you do have a say in your success. While you may not have control over every event you encounter in life, you still get a say in how things unfold. Your involvement in the outcome comes from your response to an event. E + R = O.


Let’s be real. You can’t control everything. The weather, traffic, and other people’s decisions are just a few of the things beyond your control. And yet, these are factors that end up taking all the blame and becoming excuses for where you end up.

The truth is, the only thing you can control in any given situation is your response. And your response plays a pivotal role in outcomes. For example, you may not be able to control a global pandemic. But you can control your response to current events.


Your personal thoughts and actions can make a difference in whether you stay stuck where you are or make real improvements to your life. Once you figure out that your response to an uncontrollable event is the key to unlocking desirable outcomes, then a few things will happen in your life:

  • You put yourself in the driver’s seat and live with more responsibility.
  • You don’t let things happen to you; you make things happen.
  • You stop making excuses and look for solutions.
  • You’re more willing to try something new, different, and uncomfortable.
  • You no longer blame others for your situation.
  • You accept that things will not always go smoothly.
  • You cease trying to be perfect or waiting for life to be perfect.

If you find that you’re not happy with the results you’re getting (in the gym, at home, at work, in life), then ask yourself:

  • What outcome do I want to create?
  • What do I have control of in this situation?
  • What’s my response to what I can’t control?
  • What response gets me closer to my outcome?
  • What choices do I have?
  • What change can I make?

Then, let go of the things you can’t control. Take responsibility for your responses. Take action on your choices. And make a meaningful change to your mindset and to your life.

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