Why We Start With The ‘No-Sweat Intro’

What is the ‘No-Sweat Intro’?

In a commercial gym that sells access to equipment and space, the first meeting would make sense to include a tour of the space and a demonstration of how to use the equipment followed by a review of the sales binder to determine when you’ll be using the gym.

BUT in a gym that provides success, our first interaction is a ‘No-Sweat Intro’.

During your ‘No-Sweat Intro’ we’ll start by sitting down and asking what it is you’re hoping we can do for you.

We’ll ask about your previous experiences, if and why you might have failed in the past, how you hope things will be different this time, and whether or not you’d prefer to work 1-on-1 or with a group. We’ll also ask questions to help us understand more about your goals and what’s currently most important in regard to your fitness ambitions.

Is it losing 10lbs? Do you want to change how you feel in your clothes? Meet like-minded, new friends? Be part of a supportive community? Manage your stress and mental health? Or are you trying to get better for an upcoming event or a weekend hobby?

At Glevum Fitness, our coaches ask questions that can help our prospective clients save money, time and energy by recognising which services are best suited to them, as opposed to the services they thought they needed when first coming in.

The ‘No-Sweat Intro’ offers you the chance to talk with a professional coach and be recommended the best programmeme or service to work best for your goals and unique situation. For example, Group Training, Nutrition Coaching, or a bespoke Private Coaching plan.

Once we’ve established where you’re at, and where you want to be, we’ll suggest the services that provide the best solution to your situation. We’ll also help you establish a timeline, and build you an individual plan that will see you through you to reaching success.

We’ve learnt that one of the things our clients love most is that we don’t leave you to it.

From here on, we check in with you 30 days after your initial ‘intro’ and then every 90 days after to make sure you’re still making progress and seeing the results in the areas that matter most to you.

What Then Comes Next?

For those of you coming to us already with gym experience, or little to no goals, we still think it’s important to offer you the same level of time and care… Because in our eyes, everyone deserves the same experience.

We want to know if there’s anything we can do for you that previous gyms and trainers didn’t. What aspect of fitness do you enjoy the most. And what have you set your sights on achieving, once you’ve reached your current target?

From years of experience, we’ve found that everyone benefits from 1-2-1 attention and more often than not, having help with their nutrition habits before they settle into our core programmeme. In the first 90-days of working with us, we call this ‘On Ramp’.

‘On Ramp’ is designed to get you results, FAST. We’ve put together packages that will generate the quickest and best change towards your goals first to help kickstart your journey.

As you move closer to achieving your goals, or best yet, having now reached them – we’ll sit down with you and review your progress and celebrate these milestones in your fitness journey. We’ll discuss and document the changes in your body composition and overall fitness levels.

We’ll also ask if you’re happy with the rate of progress and if anything has changed for you since joining.

Usually, our clients can’t believe what they achieve in the first 90 days. Some even say they’ve never been to a gym that cares as much as we do.

After this, our clients are then faced with even bigger, more exciting questions. For example,

  • What do I want to do next?
  • What could I achieve next?
  • I just did my first pull-up, do you think I could deadlift more than my body weight or sign up for a 5km run?

We help our clients get the results they deserve, despite the time they have available, budget, busy schedule, or self-limiting beliefs they have of themselves.

Most importantly, we care enough to take the time to sit down with you and learn more about you, before starting your fitness journey with us.

Do you Want Help Becoming The Healthiest, Fittest, Strongest Version Of Yourself?

Most people know that regular movement, eating well, sleeping, and managing stress is important for looking and feeling better. Yet they need help applying that knowledge in the context of their busy, sometimes stressful lives.

That’s why we work closely with all of our clients to help them lose fat, get stronger, and improve their health… no matter what challenges they’re dealing with.

If you’re ready to change your body, and your life, with help from some of the country’s best coaches, this is your chance.