Healthier Than Ever Before

At the age of 55, Kay’s been told by her Dr’s that she’s now healthier than ever before and can halve her medication.

Kay first began training with Coach Rosie to lose weight, improve stamina and boost her socialisation amongst others.

Now once a week in the gym and every day at home, Kay can be found working out and doing the chores she had previously lost the capacity to perform – like making the bed and walking up and down the stairs. But now, not only can she do bodyweight movements, but Kay also loves to do weightlifting. She tells us her favourites are Squats & Snatches.

We credit her lifelong childhood friend, Jon, who encouraged her to get started. Jon says after Kay’s parents both passed away 4 years ago, we invited Kay to come down and talk with Rosie. “We had no idea what to expect. What her limitations would be or not.”

But all it took was one visit, and Kay was hooked. Rosie said, “She loved it. She fell in love with the fact that she could be active, socialise with others, and quickly understood how it would help at home.”

Starting out with the very basics, only doing bodyweight movements, Kay quickly got better at the movements, lost a tonne of weight and even got stronger.

When she first started working out, she wore size 20 clothing and could not even stand out of the chair without assistance. Now, her record is a 10 KG squat for 10 reps and she wears a size 10.

As well as support with physical exercise, Rosie and Kay also talk about nutrition. With the help and support from her carer, Lynsey who is also a member, Kay has taken onboard new habits and continues to try different foods and is learning to cook healthier meals each week further supporting her health and activity.

“It’s been life-changing,” said Rosie, “I think it’s done more for her, just confidence-wise, more than anything could. She’s able to stand taller, move around easier and most of all – she’s now so much healthier.”

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