A Crash Course For The Skill Of Your Choice

We all have them – those tricky movements in class that you have your sights set on (hello, muscle-ups!), but need some extra support to land. Whether you’re stuck in pull-up purgatory or looking to upgrade your clean & jerk, Glevum 1:1 Skill Sessions can help you reach your specific goals.  

These 30-minute personal training sessions are designed to supplement the coaching you enjoy by consistently coming to class with a detailed deep dive into a single skill of choice. 

In addition to focused one-on-one time with a Glevum Fitness coach, you will leave this session with a unique progression plan designed to meet you where you are today and get you where you want to go tomorrow.

Choose your own adventure with these specialised sessions. For a little inspiration, here are the top 6 skills Glevum Fitness members ask us for help mastering:


Whether you’re working to confidently get inverted or wanting to walk it out, handstand work is a frequent flier for focused skill sessions.

Pull-ups / Muscle-ups

And everything in between… Regardless of where you’re starting, we will help you hone strength and technique to raise the bar on rig and ring work.

The Clean & Jerk

A  classic choice, the clean & jerk is a fundamental that, once mastered, will become your foundation across all Olympic lifts.

Rope Climbs

These are great fun! Often a source of intimidation, with a little extra practice and guidance on technique, you’ll shimmy your way up to the sky.

The Snatch

Oh how we love them! The most technical of the Olympic lifts, snatches need a second set of eyes and focused guidance to land.  

Double Unders

Take your jump rope skills to the next level to make your dubs soar.

Whether you’re just getting started on your fitness journey, looking to punch through a progress plateau or want to take a certain modality to the next level, Glevum Fitness 1:1 Skill Sessions are an excellent option for focused supplemental support combined with a custom progression plan.

Starting at £32 per session, email info@glevumfitness.com to book yours today!

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