5 Ways to Eat Well on a Budget +

Organic produce, artisanal sourdough, strictly grass-fed meat: Yes, they’re ‘good’ for you… but they’re also too expensive for most people. The great news? There are foods that are both nutrient-rich and budget-friendly. Here we want to show you five ways to eat healthy on a budget — while making your taste buds happy too.

People who struggle to consistently eat healthier often face one or more of the following common (and very legitimate) challenges:

  • Zero time to cook or do meal prep.
  • Deeply ingrained food habits that provide a sense of comfort and routine.
  • strong preference for french fries over steamed broccoli.

Considering all the pressures and expenses folks are dealing with, it’s understandable that eating healthy can feel financially daunting. 

Unfortunately, it’s true that fresh fruits and vegetables, lean animal proteins, whole grains, and nuts and seeds will cost you more than a diet of mostly processed and fast foods.

But it is possible to eat a very healthy diet, even when money is tight.

Here are 5 strategies to help you…

1. Prioritise Nutrients

Look for whole food options that won’t break the bank, see below a list of the best options (in dollars!)

2. BULK make meals

Making your own meals up does unfortunately take more time, however – it is cheaper and can be even quicker if you bulk make up additional meals to add to your freezer for a different day!

3. Work on planning and meal prepping strategies

This is the key to all of the above. Make TIME to prioritise meal planning, and prepping. If eating lower cost, better quality food is important to you you must find time in the diary to make it happen consistently. Get clear on why this is important, and then carve out time + add reminders/ alarms as needed!

4. Get creative!

Be willing to explore different options and try new things! Ask for help, look for food bloggers, tips and tricks!

5. Avoid wasting

This will come back to planning and prep, but make sure to use ALL of the ingredients you have. Don’t waste a thing!! Get creative and look ahead daily to make sure you are utilising ingredients often.

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