What is “good nutrition”?

Food is packed with meaning, information and communication. Every food decision we make sends a message to our body. Every choice is an opportunity to direct, shape and remake our health. Our body composition. Our performance. Our wellbeing.
Good nutrition isn’t about “following the rules” or “being strict”. It is about enabling happier, healthier, fuller lives.
Every nutrition choice you make will lead to an outcome. These outcomes can be measured, and they are a great mirror of reality. Many people perceive themselves as being “healthy”… but yet don’t have the body, health or performance that could be expected, perhaps their idea of “healthy” isn’t matching the reality.
The healthiest people in the world don’t have a single nutrition philosophy. Physiologically, the human body can do well under all kinds of different nutritional conditions. We can see this clearly if we look at the traditional diets of indigenous groups and ethnic groups around the world.
Good nutrition around the world however, is more similar than it is different in many ways…

Good nutrition asks people to care about their food and eating. Research shows that just paying better attention to what you eat, making mindful, deliberate choices, you almost inevitably eat better.

Good nutrition focuses on food quality. Almost no diet plan asks you to eat more processed, nutrient-deplete food. Regardless of specific food choices, just eating better quality food, less processed food, will improve your health.

Good nutrition helps to eliminate nutrient deficiencies. Often when people start a diet plan, they get more variety, they choose fresher foods, less processed foods and choose more mindfully helping to get lots of valuable nutrients.

Good nutrition helps to control appetite and food intake. For most people it is hard to eat just one of the ‘hyper-palatable processed’ foods, we often keep eating them and never really feel satisfied. When eating better quality food, you are able to tune in on your own hunger and appetite. This means calorie control without annoying calorie math involved.

Good nutrition promotes regular exercise. The two go hand in hand. When you take up an activity you love, eventually you start wondering if nutrition could help you do that activity better.