We All Have Those Same Workout Demons

We see athletes every day at Glevum Fitness who are nervous and anxious (they’re also happy, motivated, and excited) about their workouts. Sometimes movements are new to them, the length of the workout seems impossible, and often it will contain a movement that is not one of their favourites.

We’ve noticed that while everyone in the community has these feelings prior to class, nobody seems to recognise that everybody else does too! If we’re all honest (that includes coaches), we all have pre-workout nerves and demons.

We as coaches get a little upset when we hear that an athlete has decided not to come to class because the workout looks hard, scary, or something they just couldn’t imagine completing. So let us remind you of a few things…
Your job is to show up and give us 100% of your effort on that given day. It is our job to provide you with a workout that will challenge, yet not leave you feeling defeated. We as coaches enjoy and have fun providing you with alterations and modifications to your training. It is here we get to express our creativity and provide you with a challenge that will get the most out of your hour.
Yet is also our responsibility to never to let you create a habit of being “mediocre” and staying well within your comfort zone. We love our jobs because we get to bring the most out of everyone, and often that means helping people realise they’re capable of more than they can imagine. We love hearing comments after the workout that you’ve surprised yourself in your abilities and that you’ve achieved something you thought you weren’t yet able to do. Remember this next time you see a workout posted….

Take a look at the photo above, of the 50 or so people, do you think there is a single person who wasn’t a little nervous about the workout coming up? Do I wear my lifters to run and snatch? I want to do 40kg cleans, will anybody else be using that weight? Can I do that many pull-ups? What size box shall I use? Can I run that far? Will I get this workout done before the time cap? It’s often a mix of all the above. We all go through it in our own way, and it always ends being a lot better than we first imagined.
The goal is to get fit, it can be the best hour of your day. Come down, have fun with your friends, enjoy yourself and blow-off some steam. So remember that.