“Maybe I can do that”

We believe that our training methods are some the best and most effective ways to achieving good health, whilst living the fit and active lifestyle we all crave. However, it can also seem like a scary place for a newcomer.  If this is you, we’re here to help you conquer your fitness fears with these tips…
“I can’t do that!”
For newbies who don’t yet have the knowledge, practice and or ability yet, the thought of exercising in front of strangers can be daunting. We know many people who didn’t want to come into our gym until they felt like they were fit. Crazy… But we fully get it. Although, we modify workouts and exercises to all ages and fitness levels, we completely understand that sometimes you just need to get past that barrier your own way.
SOLUTION: Start with beginner modifications and then build up to the prescribed version. We have a number of members who work with us privately alongside classes to develop prerequisite strength and progressions to master the more technically challenging skills.
“I don’t have time to get results”
A busy schedule and the perceived time commitment of exercise can definitely dissuade a gym-goer.  People think that unless they work out for long time they won’t see results, so they feel like they shouldn’t bother working out at all.
SOLUTION: Rome wasn’t built in a day and the body wont be either. If you’re serious about making changing to your health like eating cleaner or going to the gym, start small. Here at Glevum we offer a variety of different class times throughout the day to cater for those with a busy work/ home-life schedule. People think that unless they work out for long time they won’t see results, so they feel like they shouldn’t bother working out at all. We see life changing results from clients who are able to find just 3 out of possible 168 hours in a week.
“I haven’t done any fitness since school”
For some of us the last time we engaged in a sport or something fitness related was in our school days, so to take a step into a new place doing an activity you have never done before can be extremely daunting.
SOLUTION: Check your worries at the door. Before entering a class session we take you through at least six one to one sessions, to make sure you are confident each movement and how a class session works. We want you to understand that you are never left on your own, we are always there to take you through each session step by step!
“I won’t be able to stick with working out”
It sounds counter intuitive, but some people don’t want to start CrossFit because they’re afraid they’ll fail to keep it up.
SOLUTION: We offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to anyone interested in our training services. This is a great opportunity to discuss to individual goals, what to expect to achieve from training with us and also learning more about the differences that you may notice about our gym compared to others in the area. New members often comment on the other men and women who walk through the doors truly excited to be here in classes!