It’s not always about the time…

It is not uncommon to hear people say they feel sick with nerves before a workout. Some even say they feel like their just about to sit an exam!!

It is a feeling you crave and yet you hate it at the same time. When you know your about to put yourself through something that maybe hard and outside of your comfort zone. The only thing that gets you through is knowing that you’ll feel that wonderful rush of endorphins at the end, knowing that you have pushed your body and made yourself better in doing so!

We make a point of getting all our members to track and record their progress each time they come in. We do this to measure our fitness levels and ensure we see progression over time. However, sometimes we can get into a stuck in to overthinking and stressing about the time we take to perform certain workouts.

It doesn’t always have to be about pushing your body to the limit, some days we can benefit far more from moving through a workout at a steady pace, accumulating some fitness without adding stress or urgency, and really focusing on moving with perfect form. This can be super beneficial for both your future progress as well as your immediate stress levels.

Over time we become more in tune with our bodies. We learn how to tackle workouts, when to go all out and when to pace it, when to hold back on the weights & when to push. We MUST listen to our bodies. We can’t expect to have personal bests every single day and our bodies will sometimes work against us if we try to prove this fact to be untrue.

Allow yourself some peace of mind knowing that there is nothing on the line that day. No personal bests to set, no time to beat…Work on your fitness, stress levels and perfect movement.