How to stay on track when all else fails…

“Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans” – John Lennon
Life can certainly be difficult at times. You can’t always plan what happens during your time with us here at Glevum. But you can be responsible for your reactions to unexpected events and obstacles that want to get in the way.
There are plenty of excuses for “falling off the wagon” so to speak. We know that we can’t control life but we CAN control our behaviours and attitude.
And through it all, there are people who simply persevere. These people put their heads down and do their best to just keep slogging. But how do they do it?

They’re committed. – They know to stick with a plan even when times are tough.
They trust us to help them. – They know they aren’t the experts.
They stay positive and proactive, even when things aren’t going their way.
They do the best they can with what they have. – They don’t try to be “perfect”. Just as good they can be on that day.
They keep turning up. – Even it’s the last thing they feel like doing, they still manage to step foot in the gym.
They forgive themselves. – They treat themselves with compassion and generosity. They recognise that it’s not all-or-nothing. They know that sometimes, just staying in the same place while the world is pushing them backwards is a victory.
They keep getting up even when they are down. – They focus on their successes, as tiny and hard-won as those successes may be. They forget failures and setbacks, except to learn from them.

If you’d like to improve your resilience, all you have to do is practice. Pick one very small action to do every day to improve your “obstacle course” skills. For instance:
Build resilience.
Find some small annoyance once a day, and figure out how to “bounce back” from it immediately.
Learn to be proactive.
Every morning, ask yourself, “How can I take responsibility for one thing today?” Then do it.
Anticipate, plan, strategise. Set aside time.
Plan your next day so that you anticipate and strategise around one small potential problem.
Focus and re-focus on doing the things that truly matter, every day, consistently.
Set your daily minimums and stick to them. Movement, good food and getting outside. These things will make your whole life feel much easier.
Check in with your Coach
Don’t be afraid to ask for help, some extra guidance and accountability may be what you need to stay on track. Don’t forget we offer a FREE 30 Minute: Goal Setting Session to all members.