Face Your Fears When Walking Into A New Gym

While you may not remember the exact details of your first day of school, I’m sure you may recall feelings of anxiety, fear, along with a lot of excitement. For those who are just starting their fitness journey, walking into a gym can sometimes give us a lot of those same feelings.
We understand that it takes a lot of courage for more than most to walk into any typical gym, let alone a gym like ours. If you have been telling yourself that you would come by to “check it out” but haven’t been in yet out of fear or apprehension, this is the post for you.
Here are a few quick tips to help you get over your fear of walking into a gym for the first time.
Come By and Watch
There is nothing wrong with stopping by the gym just to watch and see what it is about. Chat with a few people who are waiting on their workout or have just finished. Talk with the people at the front desk and ask questions. Your first time in, you don’t have to participate. While jumping in is fantastic, it isn’t required, take things at your own pace. Pick up some information to take home.
Place the Gym Where You Will See It
After you have grabbed the gym’s schedule, place it somewhere you will see it each day. This is a physical reminder about getting started. Highlight a few times a week that would work within your day. It is helpful to treat it like any meeting you have at work; put it on your phone’s calendar with an alert. This way you are holding yourself accountable.
Treat Yourself
If you can, buy yourself a new workout t-shirt, trainers, or even a whole outfit. You don’t have to invest in a completely new wardrobe, even just one or two pieces of clothing can make a big difference in your attitude. Feeling comfortable and sharp will give you additional confidence and motivation to get out there.
Bring a Friend
We can’t always rely on others to drag us to the gym. However, for your first session it can be helpful to bring a supportive person with you. Invite a friend to check out the gym with you. Who knows, you may both end up signing up and working out together on a regular basis. Glevum Fitness and a lot of other gyms have amazing communities of people too. When you come to the gym, it is almost guaranteed you will make new friends who will keep you coming.
You Just Need to Show Up
Many people are nervous about joining a group fitness gym because they are worried about looking weak or not being good enough. The competition you have is with yourself, nobody else. Base your progress solely on your own past performance. If you come into group sessions on a consistent basis and work hard, you are guaranteed improve. The more you walk into the gym, the easier it will be.
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