A Christmas Party to Remember

Written by Briony Fern

On a mild Saturday night the weekend before xmas the Glevumers gathered together at the Gloucester Brewery in the Quays for some pre xmas drinks and nibbles. Was so nice seeing everyone in their glad rags as a pose to looking like they have been dragged through a hedge backwards after a WOD (I speak for myself) I must admit there were quite a few people I didn’t recognise – mainly from the 6 and 7am crew (being a 5.30pmer) but it was the perfect setting for having some good beer and cider and having a natter without Serj telling you to ‘get on yer bike’. Claire Cooper spread some Xmas cheer (glitter) after Rikki begged her to sprinkle some in his beard, so there wasn’t many of us not covered in it.

Out in the back room the testosterone was flowing as some of the team showed off their muscles by lifting a beer keg – apparently someone ripped their trousers in the process (damn, I missed that!)

What did I learn from my night out with the Glevumers? – how hot everyone looks in non gym gear and what a great bunch of people they are, oh, and Dan’s brother is actually his Dad!