5 Healthy Habits You’re Already Doing

I’m here to tell you that inside you are secret weapons: healthy habits and skills that can help you get in the best shape of your life. 

The best part: these healthy habits are things you’ve already been doing without even realising it. 

One of the most damaging myths in the fitness industry is this: 

Getting in shape requires a huge lifestyle change and a lot of effort. 

Every day, we are shown and told stories like these: 

  • The celebrity who lost 50 pounds… “simply” by giving up gluten, going veggie, and working with a personal trainer for an hour each day. 
  • The 300lb client who was boot-camped into shape on a TV show. 
  • The blogger who achieved ultimate health and wellness by giving sugar, giving up wine, becoming a yoga fanatic and maintaining a huge Instagram following. 

Who wants to change everything about their lives?

Who wants to be told that everything they love and enjoy is wrong, poison, bad for them and needs to be replaced by sheer hard work and determination. 

And so, surrounded by all of these examples, most of us quietly give up on our goals, before we even start. 

It’s a HUGE shame. 

Because the truth is, you don’t have to do any of that stuff to get in great shape. 

Changing your body and improving your health is as simple as:

  • making small (but strategic) healthy choices, and 
  • doing them consistently

Here’s the cool part:

You’re probably already making some of these healthy choices –– or –– at least have the foundations in place to start making them.

Our clients’ most common secret weapons.

We’ve learned that before working with, most of our clients had a stash of healthy habits they were already successfully following. 

We call these “secret weapons”. 

They’re small but crucial practices that seem ordinary and normal –– but when focused on, and done consistently, they lead to dramatic results. 

Many of our most successful clients shared the same secret weapons, including the ability to: 

  • Cook (even a little)
  • Walk
  • Exercise (without realising it)
  • Accept help
  • Organise and plan
  • Build a team

And once they started harnessing the power of these secret weapons, their progress immediately took off. 

So, in this article, we’ll show you: 

  • The six most common secret weapons from our most successful clients 
  • What those skills look like in, “easy”, and “advanced” form. 
  • How you can take advantage of those skills. 

Maybe you share these secret weapons. If so, you can start tapping into their power. 

And if you don’t, not to worry –– consider this inspiration to find your own. You’re probably much closer than you think! 

Secret Weapon #1 … You can probably cook (even if you think you can’t). 

“I’m a good cook, and I like to experiment with new food. I’m not afraid to try new things, and I already have a few healthy recipes that I love making. ” ––– RCFG Coaching Client

Easy Version: 

Even those who say they “can’t cook” still have some basics in their arsenal.

If you can chop veggies, and wash salad lettuce, you know how to make a salad.

If you can fry an egg, bake a chicken breast, or heat of up a tin of beans, you know to prepare protein.

Perhaps you can make yourself a delicious bowl of oats or tasty smoothie in the morning.

Maybe you’re a slow-cooker superstar or a master microwave-r.

Sure, there’s room from for improvement. But if you know how to do any of this stuff, you can cook. And that’s a GREAT starting point.

Advanced Version:

Where some people only see a bunch of random ingredients –– chicken, bell peppers, onions, maybe a carrot or two –– you see a meal taking shape. Your brain can fill in the pieces.

You think: “I could make chilli. A casserole, or a soup.

Plus, you’ve probably got some techniques up your sleeve:

Maybe you know how to chop an onion like a pro, or you’ve perfected a roast chicken, or you bake the best brownies.

Maybe you’re not cooking the healthiest foods… yet. But that’s OK.

As you learn about nutrition, you’ll learn how to level up even further and make your meals extra healthy.

Why it’s Awesome!

The ability to cook is a truly life-changing skill and one that will serve you well.

Especially when you consider that what you eat has the power to change how you look, act and feel.

If you know how to cook, you know how to make magic happen.

You can nourish your body with high-quality ingredients. You can combine random ingredients into a meal.

And you can make it taste good.

Don’t forget: Cooking takes practice. Experiment, have fun and don’t worry if you mess up a few meals along the way.

Secret Weapon #2 You’re already exercising without realising it.

“I LOVE being outdoors and having unstructured active time with my family.” — RCFG Coaching Client

“I know that I prefer to do something ‘fun’ to exercise most of the time such as group classes. I’ve never enjoyed going to the gym and just lifting weights or doing cardio by myself.” — RCFG Coaching Client

Easy version

Lots of people think “working out” means going into a gym and lifting weights. Sure, it can be. But it doesn’t have to be.

If you take part in an activity or hobby that gets you out and gets you moving, you have a big advantage already.

For example:

  • running around and playing with your kids at the local playground
  • playing a game of football, basketball, or going cycling with your friends
  • gardening or taking a stroll around the neighbourhood
  • taking a dance or Zumba class (or just dancing to your favourite songs by yourself at home with the music cranked up!)

If you’ve ever done something fun and caught yourself sweating or breathing hard at the same time, guess what: You’ve exercised.

(And hey, if you haven’t moved your body for a long time, think back to an activity you used to like. What did you love to do as a child? Or what did you wish you could try back then? How might it feel to try out one of those activities now?)

Advanced Version: 

Sure, maybe you hate the gym. Maybe you think you never work out.

And yet you’ve got a sport or physical activity you love.

It might be yoga, hiking, cycling, skiing, swimming, skateboarding, or just about any other activity that involves movement.

The point isn’t to get fit — though you might be hoping for some health benefits. You do it ’cause it’s fun. And maybe because you’ve got some friends who enjoy it with you.

This is actually exercise of the best sort: the kind you love to do.

Why it’s awesome

We all know that exercise is good for us. But what you may not know is that fun physical activity — the kind that doesn’t even feel like exercise — is even better.

We’re more inclined to do stuff we like. Plus, if we enjoy the activity, we’re less likely to ‘reward’ ourselves with unhealthy treats afterwards.

Any exercise you already like is a building block. It can improve your confidence and willingness to try new things.

And that leads to improving your overall physical fitness.

Secret Weapon #3 You’re willing to accept help.

“I’ve had great experiences working with coach 1-2-1; I embrace the additional accountability, guidance and attention.” — RCFG Coaching Client

“I know that there are a lot of ways for me to succeed and that with proper guidance I can find the ones that work best for me. I’m open to coaching. Especially having someone to check in with and help inspire me and keep me accountable.” — RCFG Coaching Client

Easy version

You’ve learned that It’s hard to accomplish big things by yourself.
And while that might make you feel kinda disappointed, it’s pretty awesome.

Because most of us start out thinking we can do everything by ourselves and the truth is… we can’t.

So if you’re at the stage where you know you need other people, you’re already well on your way.

Advanced version

You’re committed to change, and you are actively seeking support from people who know what they’re doing.

That support can take many forms:

  • Maybe it’s asking friends or co-workers what they did to get in better shape.
  • Maybe it’s arranging to meet a friend at the gym or grocery store.
  • Maybe it’s hiring a coach, trainer, nutritionist or a programmeme like ours to guide you through the process and keep you accountable.

Whatever it may be, reaching out and accepting help is a great start.

(Fun fact: A good percentage of people who join our nutrition coaching programmememe have worked with a personal trainer in the past. 

That’s often why they decide to work with us in: They know the power and results that come from making yourself accountable to a team of experts and a dedicated coach.

Why it’s awesome

As the saying goes… “Nothing worth doing can be done alone.”

This is especially true when it comes to making health and fitness changes.

Support from other people can add fun and encouragement to the process. It can allow you to learn from others who have gone before, and it might allow you to prevent mistakes and sidestep slip-ups.

But perhaps the best thing about external support is accountability.

In fact, accountability may be the single most important factor in achieving your goals. It even trumps knowledge, experience, and motivation.

And yet many people shy away from asking for help. They resist accountability and want to prove they can do it on their own.

So if you’re willing to embrace support from others, you’ve got a major superpower on your hands.

(Tip: if you could use some help with your nutrition and would like to have a coach keep you accountable, check out the Nutrition Coaching Programmememe

Secret Weapon #4: You’re an organised planner and list-maker.

“I am masterful at scheduling and time management. Whenever I commit to something, I make it a priority.” — RCFG Coaching Client

Easy version

You use a calendar or a diary. You schedule your kids’ appointments and your business meetings, and you keep them (at least most of the time).

You have some kind of reminder system for yourself to get things done, whether it’s post-it notes or alarms on your phone.

If you’re using an alarm clock to get out of bed in the morning you’re already following a schedule.

You might not be a master planner yet, but you’ve already got the foundation.

Advanced version

You’ve got your calendar all filled out, colour-coded, and reminder-ready. Excel is your happy place.

You’ve never forgotten an appointment. In fact, you’re probably always a few minutes early.

Anarchy? Bring it on, baby. Organisation is your middle name.

These skills mean making time for health and fitness will be relatively easy for you. Now all you need is the right information and a clear plan of attack.

Why it’s awesome

The reason lots of people don’t get in better shape is because they simply don’t make time for it.

People who are successful at fitness stop waiting for the “perfect time”, and they don’t depend on our fickle friends motivation and inspiration, either.

Instead, they depend on what we call the “3 Ss”:

  • structure
  • systems, and
  • scheduling

If you can use your organisational capabilities to bring structure, systems, and/or a schedule to your health and fitness activities, you’ll be well on your way to success.

How to use it

Pull up a calendar and look at your schedule. Do you currently have anything involving your health and fitness scheduled?

Carve out time for 1-2 things you want to start doing.

For example,

  • Insert a “cook healthy dinner on Sunday night” calendar entry.
  • Schedule an appointment to “meet Jordan at the gym on Thursday morning”.
  • Or set a daily reminder that pings you at the same time every morning and reminds you to “do 10 body-weight squats and 5 push-ups.”

Secret Weapon #5: You have a strong team.

“I have a supportive family who wants to see me succeed.” — RCFG Coaching Client

“My wife shares similar goals; we’re in this together.” — RCFG Coaching Client

“My daughter is my biggest fan.” — RCFG Coaching Client

Easy version

It might be just one person.

A friend or family member who gets you. Or your dog, who absolutely insists you take him for a walk in the morning. Or your kid who is always up for a game of “see who can run the fastest”.

This is the beginning of a support system: a team of people who will help you along your fitness journey.

And you might not even know it yet, but the support of this one person may be the biggest secret weapon you have.

Advanced version

Your support team is a few different people, who each bring something different to the table.

Your spouse and kids already know about your fitness goals, and they’re on board to help.

Plus, you’ve got a few friends who enjoy the same sports or hobbies as you. Or maybe a sibling or co-worker who’s game for a little healthy competition.

Perhaps you’ve also talked to your doctor, who’s monitoring your blood levels and helping track your health improvements.

Bonus: if you’re in a programmememe like Glevum Fitness, you’ve not only got a coach, you’re also tapped into a community of people going through the exact same thing as you.

Together, these people form your team. They’re cheering you on, inspiring you, teaching you, and helping you edge forward, bit by bit.

That is some really powerful stuff.

Why it’s awesome

Earlier we said that it’s hard to accomplish big things on your own.

Having a family member, spouse, friend — or any mix of those people — by your side can make a big difference in the kind of results you get.

Your support system can help cheer you up when you’re feeling down. They can cook and eat healthy meals with you. They can take the kids to school while you do your workout. They can join you for long walks.

They can listen and understand and even know the struggle themselves. And they can be your reason for dragging your butt out of bed early on a Saturday morning.

If you currently have someone (or someones) around you that are 100% supportive of your goals, you arguably have the biggest secret weapon of all.

What to do next

1. Start to shift your mindset from all-or-nothing to small successes.

Contrary to fitness industry mythology, health and fitness isn’t built from an overnight lifestyle overhaul.

It’s built by doing small, simple practices… consistently.

This is good news for all of us. The more we start adapting to this mindset, the more progress we’ll make.

Recognise that you’re probably further ahead than you think.

Start to look for your own secret weapons: the small, healthy practices that may seem totally ordinary and mundane, but when focused on and done consistently, can lead to dramatic results.

2. Review the above list of secret weapons.

Review the above list of secret weapons and consider which you may already have.

Hint: Don’t forget to review the “easy version” of each — you might have some of these strengths in the making, even if you don’t know it yet!

If you don’t have these secret weapons yet, consider how might you get just a little bit closer to making them part of your arsenal.

Are there some small things you could do to start building these skills?

3. Take stock of your own secret weapons.

Think about what other secret weapons you might have.

What small things are you already doing?

And what skills or talents do you have that might be helpful?

How might these be helpful to you in your fitness journey?

4. Identify some ways that you can start taking advantage of your secret weapons.

How could you start using these secret weapons to your advantage?

For example, could you…

  • Cook up an extra side dish of veggies at dinner tonight? Or try out a new healthy recipe?
  • Park further from the office to give yourself an extra 5-minute walk?
  • Squeeze in one more fun physical activity you enjoy?
  • Ask for advice from a trusted friend or family member who has health habits you admire?
  • Schedule a workout or do some meal planning?
  • Meet up with a member of your support system?

You don’t have to do all these things at once.

Just look for something small. Something simple you can do today, that builds on what you already have.

The best place to start is where you already are.

Ready for the next step? Consider RCFG Nutrition Coaching.

Sometimes we can know our secret weapons and still struggle. That’s just a part of life.

If you want to get in better shape and want some help figuring out what to focus on, we’d love to help you.

In our Nutrition Coaching Programmeme, we’ve worked with hundreds of men and women and helped them get into the best shape of their lives — all without radical lifestyle changes.

First, we learn about you and your life: what your goals are and what you need.

Then we take complex nutrition and exercise science and simplify it into an easy-to-follow plan.

Finally, you work with a coach who’s there to help keep you on-track and consistent, no matter what happens.